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Why Sparrow? 


"When I first began writing music I found myself the owner of a fledgling Sparrow. I was riding my bike through a back alley and suddenly came upon a tiny tuft of moving feathers. At the same time I also noticed a smug cat, that was seconds away from a having the baby bird as his lunch. I quickly scooped up the young sparrow and saved him from sure death. Being too small to leave on his own and unable to find his nest I decided to take him home. I fed him a steady diet of fat maggots and worms. I also gave him a name (Birchy.) Birchy thought I was his Dad. I built him a small hang out in the corner of my room with some sparrow toys in a small tree. Every morning I would find him on my pillow doing his best to turn my hair into a nest. Birchy loved to sit on my shoulder when I played guitar and accompanied me on many songwriting sessions. When Birchy was old enough I decided to release him. I opened the balcony door with him on my shoulder. He immediately flew to a nearby tree then right back to me. He was too tame to be wild. Thus Birchy became my permanent pet bird. A year later I invested in a fish tank. One day after feeding the fish I forgot to close the lid. That night when I came home Birchy did not fly to greet me. I found him motionless in the fishtank. I was devastated! My brother and I Packed Birchy into a Cigar box and burried him in a quiet meadow. Realising how upset I was, my brother wrote me a poem. It was an ode to my sparrow friend. When it came time for me to pick an artist name Sparrow came naturally. I like to think Birchy is still on my shoulder." 


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