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The man behind the Sparrow;


Terry Sparrow is a Calgary based singer songwriter. His first EP, Song was successfully released in 2012. A new CD release is expected in mid 2014. Terry Smales was born in England, as a child he moved to Alberta in the 1980’s, where he grew up on a farm. Later in life He became interested in the creation of music. He is a self-taught singer songwriter with natural talent. Terry is an active musician in Calgary. Participating in various performances and songwriter’s showcases under the name Terry Sparrow. An accomplished producer and engineer, Sparrow has a full in home studio where he records his own material as well as producing other artists. His musical influences are Coldplay, U2, Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, Oasis and John Lennon. The name Terry Sparrow derived from a baby sparrow fledgling, which Terry saved about the time he began writing music. Terry was Often accompanied by his feathered friend during his songwriting sessions. Terry Sparrow has a unique connection with birds and flight and that connection comes through in his art. Terry Sparrow is also known for his work in giving back to the community. He is co-creator of two non-government Organizations. Firstly, The World Peace Initiative- an organization committed to the celebration of

peace on a universal level. Affiliated with the University of Calgary Peace Consortium, Jane Goodall Roots and Shoots Foundation and the Calgary Peace Run.


Second Muzik for Change an Organization, which helps to raise awareness for Independent musicians and charities through concert events.


Terry Sparrow is committed to changing the world through music.  



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